Instructive walk in the Jungle

Duration: 2 hours

The biodiversity of the Amazon is the greatest asset we have and we can offer to our customer in this first contact with the Amazon jungle. The forest on the banks of Lake Salvador, has three tracks in various forms, which vary according to the strength and age of the tourist.

Each of these tracks, enables knowledge and practice of fundamental aspects for activities such as instructive walk in the jungle. Accompanied by a bilingual guide and a native helper, the client can learn and know about survival in the forest, such as finding water; make shelters; build traps; light a fire without matches or lighter aid and how to guide without the aid of compasses.

In addition, the guide also covers many curiosities on the ecosystem, biodiversity, species of medicinal plants, insects and other stories that are part of this adventure.


Among the tips for this tour are: always carry a stick so that it can support when needed, avoid relying on the branches and trees, not sit and stay tuned for guide information while walking.

If in doubt when saw something strange in front while walking, stop and first use the stick to poke gently, especially before crossing by fallen trees. Other tips are: wear comfortable boots or sneakers, jeans or trousers, shirt with light colors and long sleeves, always carry a small bottle of mineral water, rain gear and camera.

Watch out also to use the phone in silent mode and only talk on the phone if it is urgent. Do not turn away from the group and not the guide while walking.

Nothing but footprints can be left on the tracks. We respect the environment and it should always be a place preserved for better either enjoy.

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