The Meeting of the Waters

Duration: 4 hours

The tour outside the hotel or the pier in Manaus in speedboat with capacity up to 150 passengers, accompanied by bilingual guides. To get to the meeting of the waters, you must navigate 32 Km. During the cruise, we can see different parts of the capital of Amazonas. First, we can spot the tourist resort of Ponta Negra; following the partial view of Manaus History Center; Dome of the Teatro Amazonas; Bridge over the Rio Negro; Market Adolpho Lisboa and floating harbor. Along the tour you can also see various regional vessels and typical houses existing in the most traditional neighborhoods of the city.

Arriving at the Meeting of the Waters, passengers receive information about this phenomenon of nature. Then the vessel is directed to Lake Janauari, with more than 9000 hectares of land, wetlands and flooded forests.

On landing, the tourist can walk between stilts and watch the monkeys, the typical vegetation, water lilies and the Amazon icon tree, the Samaumeira, which measures up to 60 meters high. In addition, the customer can opt for fishing pirarucus and piranhas; buying souvenirs in the various floating stores, located in mediations Lake.

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