Fishing Piranhas and Sunset

Duration: 3 hours and 30 minutes

The output is made of AmazonJungle Palace and occurs in motorized canoe. The tour is accompanied by expert guide. The Piranha is an omnivorous fish with carnivorous tendencies and known for its predator profile, with very strong jaws and teeth very sharp that can do great damage.

The Amazon has 36 species of piranhas that are divided into five genera and most of them live in shoals in rivers. For fishing for this predator will use bamboo and reed hook. We encourage our customers to follow the instructions carefully and never underestimate the fish, even when captured.

After fishing, we continue to enjoy the sunset and watch the arrival of birds in the treetops. Thus we have the river, the forest and the beautiful sunsets, perfect items to end a day in the Amazon.

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